• Our Christmas Party with Written Word Calligraphy

    Welcome to our shiny new website! We've been busy bees getting ready to launch our online shop and it's officially live and open for business! There you'll find a selection of our favourite products and we'll be adding more along the way. The store has been bustling with Holiday shoppers and we want you to know how thankful we are that so many of you have made a conscious effort to shop small, local businesses this year. We truly couldn't do it without you!
    We also couldn't keep up without our amazing store manager and staff and we thought it would be really special to celebrate Christmas together with them a little differently this year. So we called upon Karla Lim from Written Word Calligraphy to teach us the basics of hand lettering and it was such a fun way to learn a skill together, in the comfort of our own store. Nadia Hung Photography was on hand to snap some gorgeous photos of evening and we were thrilled to see that they were featured on Style Me Pretty Living today! A special thanks to Flower Factory for supplying us with festive bouquets for our tables and our local bakery, Duft & Co., catered some delicious appetizers and desserts for us to nibble on throughout the night. You can see more images over at Style Me Pretty but here are just a few of our favourites...
    All photos by Nadia Hung Photography
    All photos by Nadia Hung Photography
    Lily was asked to write up a little background story for Style Me Pretty and it pretty much sums up our Holiday decorating philosophy and thoughts on decor in general:
    Our store, Spruce Collective, is a curated collection of all things old + new. The five of us (Lily, Elisa, Monica, Jessica + Kevi) met as vendors at vintage markets in our hometown of Abbotsford, BC and, after a series of very serendipitous events, found ourselves opening a brick + mortar store just over two years ago. In addition to our eclectic selection of boutique home decor, vintage treasures, fashion + furniture paint, we also run a bustling vintage rental division, supplying vintage furniture and decor items to weddings and other events in the Greater Vancouver area. We love sourcing out other local businesses and stock handmade + sustainable goods whenever possible.Creating unique spaces that combine the beauty of the old with the modern sensibilities of the new is our passion and while this passion carries on throughout the year, we think it’s especially important over the Holidays. To us, Christmas is all about the memories and nostalgia of years gone past. We always encourage our customers to use what they already have…use that “good” china, put fresh frames around those old family photos, and embrace the worn beauty of treasures that have been passed down. We see the beauty in the imperfect and all agree that it’s a good balance of old layered with the new that brings warmth + personality to a home.
    To avoid conflicts with other family events + festivities of the season, we had our staff party right after we decorated the store for Christmas in early November. Duft &Co., a bakery just a couple of doors down from us, catered the delicious appetizers and mouth-watering desserts and we put together our own cheese + fruit plates. Calligraphy is a skill that several of us were eager to learn so we called upon Karla from Written Word Calligraphy to come do a class for us and teach us the art of hand lettering. While there were only a couple of naturals in our midst, we all really enjoyed the experience and left with a solid knowledge of the basics as well as an adorable starter kit put together for each of us by Karla. She was an incredibly patient teacher + we loved every moment. And practice makes perfect, right? 
    Merry Christmas and don’t forget to shop local for the Holidays this season!
    All photos by Nadia Hung Photography
    All photos by Nadia Hung Photography
    All photos by Nadia Hung Photography
    An extra special thank you to Nadia Hung Photography for the stunning photos of our party and of our store (we'll share more with you very soon) and to Karla of Written Word Calligraphy for the amazing lesson. Karla is so patient and well-spoken, although not all of us were "naturals", we all learned so much and enjoyed every minute of the class. And a party just isn't a party without flowers, is it? Thanks again to the Flower Factory for creating such beautiful bouquets for our event. The pottery vases used for the florals are part of our rental inventory and you can see our entire rental collection here. Merry Christmas to all!
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