• In Good Company: Behind the Scenes at our Long Table Dinner with Duft & Co.

    We hosted our first long table dinner this weekend and it far surpassed our expectations, in every way possible! On Saturday night, 34 enthusiastic guests joined us at our rental studio for an intimate family-style meal created by our neighbours Duft & Co., featuring seasonal fare, local wine and an all-around unforgettable experience. We didn't quite know what to expect from room full of virtual strangers but the entire evening was filled with the sounds of warm conversation, laughter and life stories shared, right from the get-go. As guests took their seats, we asked them to put their phones away so that they could fully engage with each other and it truly added to the magic of the evening. Our friend and studio-mate Sharalee Prang was on hand to photograph the event and she captured so many amazing candid moments throughout, as we think you'll agree. Tyler and Cass of Duft & Co. (and their team) honestly knocked it out of the park with their multi-course meal (which included canapés, handmade bread, carpaccio, palate cleansers, homemade pasta Bolognese and pesto gnocchi, a decadent dessert and petit fours) all made from local ingredients. Each course was savoured, local BC wines were sipped and Dustin from Jack Coffee was on hand to serve pour-over coffee with dessert. He lent us a much appreciated hand throughout the evening as well, as it was the first time many of us Spruce girls had ever waited tables (thankfully we managed not to be too clumsy)! We couldn't be more pleased with how the evening progressed:

    All photos by Sharalee Prang

    Thank you so much to each of our wonderful guests for joining us in creating such an amazing sense of community at this local event and for continuing to support small businesses like ours! Stay tuned for information of future events here and on our social media pages ~the Spruce girls

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