• A New Season for Spruce Collective

    October is here and with the new season also come some big changes for Spruce Collective. If you follow us on social media you already know that the past month was incredibly busy for us and we're already gearing up for the Holiday season ahead. With bittersweet emotion however, we'll be moving forward without one of our founding partners. Kevi (pictured in centre, below) has made the decision to step back and put her focus on her growing young family. And while we completely respect and honour her decision, we are so very sad to see her go and will miss her killer style, gentle presence, and wicked sense of humour at each of our weekly meetings and future Spruce events. We're not losing her completely though...Kevi is one of our newest vendors over at our second location, The Market by Spruce Collective, and we cannot wait to see (and shop!) from her booth of vintage goods! This girl has one serious sense of style and while we can't quite imagine Spruce without her behind the scenes quite yet, we're so happy that we'll still have a little "piece" of her at The Market. Our friend Sharalee Prang took these photos of us several months ago (where did the summer go??) and while some of our hair colours and styles may be different and The Market has evolved since, we're so grateful to have had these portraits taken...

    All photos by Sharalee Prang

    The five of us have shared 3 amazing years together and it's going to feel very strange moving forward as only four. We are so incredibly proud of the little company that we've built together, starting from virtually nothing, except maybe some vintage "junk" piles in our basements...oops, did we say that out loud? ;) But seriously, as many of you know, owning a small business is far from easy and we're all juggling life + motherhood just like the rest of you. We've been through our fair share of personal struggles, hard labour (we're talking blood and sweat), business stresses, tears and even the odd argument here and there (gasp!) but most of all we've shared countlesss memories and laughter...oh the laughter! Kevi, we're going to miss you more than you know but we'll always consider you one of our Spruce Sisters. xo

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