Spruce Collective / Dead Frog Brewery

  • For the Boys (You're Welcome)

     With Christmas a mere few days away, we thought we'd give the ladies I mean, the gentlemen a special gift this Holiday season. Yes, that's right, we're making it easy for you fellows this weekend, helping you get on the exceptionally nice list this year! Pop by the store between 12-5 on Sunday, December 22nd to sample a variety of Winter beer (provided by Dead Frog Brewery) and nibble on fresh pretzels (made by Tracycakes Bakery) while we help you shop for that perfect something-something to wrap up pretty (we'll take care of that too!) for that special someone on your list. And you can't show up at the inlaws with Movember's remnants on your chin so you'd better sit back, relax and enjoy a hot shave (in our shop!) by our neighbourhood barber, Fusion Hair Design, while you're at it! It's truly a win-win :)

    Gentlemen's Shopping Day at Spruce Collective!

     No tickets necessary (like we said, it's our gift to you..well, to her really…but to you in the end ;), so just bring your handsome self (and maybe a dapper friend or two..the more the merrier, right?), her wish list  and we'll walk you through the tough part (i.e. shopping). See you Sunday!

    ~Lily, Monica, Kevi, Jessica and Elisa

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