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  • For the Boys (You're Welcome)

     With Christmas a mere few days away, we thought we'd give the ladies I mean, the gentlemen a special gift this Holiday season. Yes, that's right, we're making it easy for you fellows this weekend, helping you get on the exceptionally nice list this year! Pop by the store between 12-5 on Sunday, December 22nd to sample a variety of Winter beer (provided by Dead Frog Brewery) and nibble on fresh pretzels (made by Tracycakes Bakery) while we help you shop for that perfect something-something to wrap up pretty (we'll take care of that too!) for that special someone on your list. And you can't show up at the inlaws with Movember's remnants on your chin so you'd better sit back, relax and enjoy a hot shave (in our shop!) by our neighbourhood barber, Fusion Hair Design, while you're at it! It's truly a win-win :)

    Gentlemen's Shopping Day at Spruce Collective!

     No tickets necessary (like we said, it's our gift to you..well, to her really…but to you in the end ;), so just bring your handsome self (and maybe a dapper friend or two..the more the merrier, right?), her wish list  and we'll walk you through the tough part (i.e. shopping). See you Sunday!

    ~Lily, Monica, Kevi, Jessica and Elisa

  • The Urban Market, Fall 2013!

    It's been just over a week since The Urban Market and I think we've finally had time to absorb just how amazing the weekend actually was! The talented Sharalee Prang was on hand to capture our big event and boy, did she capture it! It was next to impossible to narrow this post down to the following images but we'll be posting the entire album is also up here on our Facebook page.  Highstreet was such a fantastic venue and we couldn't have been happier with our pop-up style space. We strung about 35 strands of white lights to set the mood and our vendors really pulled out all of the stops with their gorgeous displays…the eye candy was almost overwhelming! Our Friday night sneak peek party was loads of fun and we loved seeing so many smiling faces mingling and munching while getting first dibs on handmade and vintage goodies. Treasure hunting is always more fun with a drink in hand and cute DJ's don't hurt either ;) We all headed back for more the next morning and hundreds of happy customers flowed through the doors right until closing time.  The Crystal Gala was our charity of choice (seemed fitting for the month of October) and were so thrilled to hear that they raised $5700 from Saturday's admission fees!!! So awesome, right? So without further adieu, come take a look at our weekend at The Urban Market...

    urban market_sharaleeprang-104All photos by Sharalee Prang Photography

    urban market_sharaleeprang-417 urban market_sharaleeprang-297 urban market_sharaleeprang-246

    urban market_sharaleeprang-172All photos by Sharalee Prang Photography

    urban market_sharaleeprang-158 urban market_sharaleeprang-139 urban market_sharaleeprang-119

    urban market_sharaleeprang-194All photos by Sharalee Prang Photography

    urban market_sharaleeprang-206 urban market_sharaleeprang-211 urban market_sharaleeprang-201 copy

    urban market_sharaleeprang-235All photos by Sharalee Prang Photography

    urban market_sharaleeprang-458 urban market_sharaleeprang-362

    urban market_sharaleeprang-284All photos by Sharalee Prang Photography

    urban market_sharaleeprang-308 urban market_sharaleeprang-471

    urban market_sharaleeprang-263All photos by Sharalee Prang Photography

    urban market_sharaleeprang-355 urban market_sharaleeprang-276 urban market_sharaleeprang-215

    urban market_sharaleeprang-236All photos by Sharalee Prang Photography

    urban market_sharaleeprang-180

    urban market_sharaleeprang-486All photos by Sharalee Prang Photography

    Although we were pretty exhausted by the end, we enjoyed every moment of  The Urban Market and will be back at Highstreet for 3 weekends starting at the end of this month for our Holiday series…Ho Ho Ho! Add some personality to your Christmas list and support local entrepreneurs while you're at it! Highstreet has a tonne of festivities in the works (we're talking Santa, parades, a giant tree and more!) so it'll be fun for the whole family. See you there!

    ~Lily, Jessica, Kevi, Monica + Elisa

    View the entire photo gallery for The Urban Market here.

  • Our Shop in House & Home Magazine!

    Remember that "top secret" excitement happening at the shop just before Christmas? Well, it's the understatement of the year to say that we're giddy at the knees about our shop feature in the February issue of Canadian House & Home magazine!!!  Janis Nicolay is the amazing talent behind the photographs and we can't thank her enough for coordinating such an incredible opportunity for our budding storefront. We'll be stocking the issue at the shop as soon as we can but for now, here's a little look inside...

    House & HomePhoto by Andrea Westbrook...thanks Andie :)

    Spruce Collective by Janis NicolayAll photos by Janis Nicolay for Canadian House & Home

    Spruce Collective by Janis Nicolay Spruce Collective by Janis Nicolay Spruce Collective by Janis Nicolay

    Spruce Collective by Janis NicolayAll photos by Janis Nicolay for Canadian House & Home

    We may have had to hurriedly rid all signs of Christmas overnight (and deck the halls once again!) but it was well worth it to see our little shop in print, not to mention the amazing coverage for a few of our lucky suppliers! We're so proud of them and hope this helps them launch their small businesses even further...

    Spruce Collective by Janis Nicolay1.Wood cuts by Local Grain, from $28 2. Field Trip iPhone cases, $18 3. Reclaimed cutting boards by Tack, from $32 4. Soy wax candles by Feestf, $18

    We've got new stock coming in daily so be sure to come and visit us soon...don't be surprised if you catch one (or all) of us doing our "happy dance" this week though :) ~the Spruce Girls
  • Spruce Collective...Coming Soon!

    Opening September 2012 in Downtown Abbotsford, BC. Stay Tuned! Vintage Inspiration : Collective Thinking

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